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Dear Friend,

Here you will find more About Me than the majority of people who know me know. It is essentially my Curriculum Vitae (CV) broken up into different rubrics. I feel somewhat like a cat that has nine lives. I have had multiple “previous” lives (student, scientist, environmental policy lecturer) and currently have several “new” lives (expert English lecturer, actress, and writer). Of course, all of these activities contribute to who I am as a person and as with all of us; my past activities have influenced how I approach my current work. This is what makes each of us unique. In my case, integrating my scientific background into my current activities as educator, actress and writer gives me a unique perspective on the world. But as it turns out, once you are in this world, you discover that many others have made similar transitions and finding out how to make your own unique contribution to the greater good is where all the fun is. So here is my attempt at integrating all that I have learned and sharing it with others. Have fun!

Under Personal Details you will find the relevant genealogical details.

Under Education you will find my formal academic education from first grade until my post-doctoral fellowship and everything in-between. Additional training I have received since then to develop my skills as lecturer are listed under Educator (Training).

Under Awards you will find those I received while pursuing my master’s and doctoral studies.

Under Scientific Experience you will find a list of fellowships, research assistant and internship positions I have held. Included are several positions I held to hold my head above water during my studies which had something to do with marine biology. Positions I have held not directly related to my academic training (dishwasher, waitress, night watch) are not listed.

Under Publications you will find a list of publications related to my master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation. My first master’s publication won the yearly Environmental Publication Award from the National Wildlife Federation in 1991.

Under Conference Lectures you will find a list of lectures held at various conferences.

Under Guest Lectures you will find a list of lectures to which I was specifically invited to speak as a master’s and doctoral student.

Under Hobbies you will find of a list of my major hobbies.

Enjoy. And as always, I am always interested in feedback. Send comments to: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!


Warm regards,

Dr. Cindy L. Halbert-Seger