Dear Student,

I have been teaching English in the Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart area in Germany since 1997. Over the years I have gained a broad array of experience through professional pedagogical training as you can see under Teaching Training. Furthermore, I have instructed a wide-ranging group of students in an extensive array of institutions, both public and private. These have included students across-the-board, from elementary school to university students to professors in academic institutions, to engineers and managers in private companies (see Teaching Previous, Teaching Current). Through a combination of my scientific background, professional pedagogical training and extensive teaching experience, I have witnessed that essentially all of the students I meet have the same basic problems in English language acquisition.

The conclusion I have come to is that much of the fault lies in the fact that students going through a "traditional" German academic institution are confronted with outdated modes of language acquisition which severely limit the attainment of advanced and sophisticated levels of English. Exceptions are of course to be found everywhere; but they are unfortunately still relatively rare. Through the years, I have integrated current knowledge of language acquisition with my own theories. In addition, I have developed specific exercises that enable students to significantly improve their language acquisition skills in a relatively short period of time. These exercises have been tested countless times with great success. The model is relatively simple and is explained in greater detail under Dr.Cindy's Basics (for registered Users only). The simplicity is part of its success. Nearly every student is successful in understanding the "magic" and its application.

The demand for my classes continues to grow and I seem never able to keep up with the demand. I spend a great deal of time teaching fledglings the basics and am given less and less time by academic institutions to actually practice the magic. Yet the demand keeps growing. And personally, as much as I enjoy indoctrinating new students, I would love to have more time to actually put the basics into use. I most enjoy developing new teaching materials and testing them on students.

The major reason for developing is to give my students new materials to keep them motivated in learning the English language. This of course requires time. I hope that the development of this website will simplify redundant teaching chores (e.g. copying teaching material, re-explaining the basics) so that I will have more time to develop new course materials for my students to enjoy. Turning my student's language abilities into Expert English has become my passion and I hope you will find this site useful in that endeavor.

Enjoy. And as always, I am always interested in feedback. Send comments to: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Warm regards,

Dr. Cindy L. Halbert-Seger