Blended learning is the idea of combining instructor-led learning with technology-based learning.

Initially, the primary reason that Dr.Cindy developed the website was to make up for the lack of available classroom time. Since Dr. Cindy has been teaching, the budgets for language teaching have continuously decreased while the demand for language instruction has continuously increased. To solve the problem of increasing demand, the institutional response has been to halve the teaching hours (from 4 to 2 weekly semester hours). This has had the effect of doubling the instructional workload (twice as many classes) while halving teaching time per student. This is a most unsatisfactory situation.

The creation of is Dr.Cindy’s response to the given political and budget realities. Initially, it was designed to save administrative time especially for copying and distributing instruction material. The silver lining is that this website has several added benefits. These include:

asarrow ALLOWS students to download PDF files
asarrow ALLOWS students to download MP3 files
asarrow ALLOWS students to check the weekly UPDATES
asarrow PROVIDES interactive ONLINE exercises
asarrow PROVIDES additional instructional material
asarrow PROVIDES links for online dictionaries
asarrow PROVIDES links for English based cultural events
asarrow ALLOWS students continued learning opportunities
asarrow And so on and so forth.

Although Dr.Cindy strongly believes that nothing can substitute face-to-face teaching time, blended learning is a modern day attempt to make up for the lack of face time. Done correctly, it can be a most useful tool to improve student’s language acquisition. You may send any constructive comments and or ideas you may have directly to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.