User Community

If you are currently in one of Dr.Cindy’s classes, you will receive a User Name and Password to log into the User Community Portal. Here you will find Dr.Cindy’s Basics. You should review this material as it is presented in class. Since Dr.Cindy’s teaching methods differs from what you have previously encountered, it is essential to understand Dr.Cindy’s Basics thoroughly in order to be able to successfully complete the homework and to have the desired learning effect. Do not skimp here.

It is also essential that the material be completed in the order presented as each lesson is meant as a building block to the other. Skipping lessons will result in missed information. Do not attempt to complete several lessons at once. The lessons are designed to cover one semester (14 weeks) and the homework for each week is designed to be done over the course of three to four days. It is a lot of work, but the results are well worth it.